With the Nintendo Treehouse event around the corner, what can we expect to hear about the Switch and its capabilities? I’ve been scouring the web to get an idea, before the very early morning on Thursday and I’m here to share it with you all. You may have read my last article bringing together the rumours I had found in October, if not here it is. A lot of new information has come to since, and I plan to summarise all of the key points I expect we’ll hear more about on Thursday morning.

So first off, we’ll be expecting to hear more on what the Switch actually is in the eyes of Nintendo. Many have taken to calling it a hybrid console, as it is both portable and a home console. What we do know so far is the when the portable screen is docked the consoles power and capabilities increase. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo describe it, instead of calling it a hybrid.

We’ll learn the performance capabilities of the console, in terms of game performance. We already know from Nvidia, the processor is theirs, with onboard graphics. The Tegra processor is custom built for the console and its graphic capabilities match that of the Geforce graphics card in PC’s today. In my PC, I’m running mid-range, Geforce GTX graphics card and this is capable of running any current gen game with at least high settings in every game I’ve played, without a drop in fps. Until we see it in action and get some more information on what this processor is capable of.

Release date and price will play a big role in the console’s success. With Wii U sales being extremely poor since release, Nintendo will be hoping to redeem themselves with this generation’s console.  Rumours put the price at £180 or 25,000 yen. This compared to the prices, of the WII U which started retail at £240 in the UK. This when compared to the launch cost of the PS4 and Xbox One, £180 seems like nothing compared to £349.99 and £429 respectively. With a Geforce archetype processor on the Switch, the value for money is superb especially with the graphics we have seen in the small video they showed us last year.

The release titles are another big point for increasing sales figures. For me, my main reason for looking forward to the Switch is so I can get The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. LoZ has had many rumours circulating about whether or not it will actually be available on release and many other developers have advertised their games will be available on Switch. Mario is another big title which we are unsure of whether or not will be available on launch date, however, no news is good news on this one, as it will likely be complete and ready for shipping along with the console on day one. It’s safe to say the games released on launch will most likely determine the success of this console as it’s price tag is in the perfect area for most everyday gamers.

The conference will only last an hour, 4-5 am GMT, so I don’t expect much more than this to be revealed. Let us know what you’re excited to see on Thursday,  let us know in the comments below.

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