We’ve all been there. Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, MGS…but in my eyes there are definitely some hidden gems that never got the appreciation that I think they deserve. So instead of keeping them in the basement to collect dust I’m going to reveal to you what my top 5 video games are that we should have all definitely played (or at least heard of). WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS.

  1. Conker’s Bad Fur Day.
    We’re going way back with this one, to the N64 console. Our protagonist in this classic is Conker, the red squirrel, who is going to tell you how he ended up becoming king in a day. Now to some that may not immediately grasp your attention but maybe Gregg the tiny Grim Reaper will, or the singing Great Mighty Poo, the sunflower with huge cajooblies, the Bourgeois Big-Bollocked Boiler, the small fire demons smoking a joint or even Birdy the drunk scarecrow. Now I have you! As this charmer sells online for around £164 it may be safer to opt for the remastered version Conker Live and Reloaded on Xbox. The game is exactly the same as the original except some profanities are bleeped out and the graphics are better. This time round it also comes with a multiplayer D Day game, involving Nazi teddies.



2. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.
There’s something in particular about this game that I thought really made it unique. If you have also played this game then you will already know what I mean when I say “Psycho Mantis”. During the game you encounter this particular enemy who can read your mind. Literally. As you try to attack him he will foresee your every move, proving your attacks useless. He will laugh and laugh. It’s not until you move your controller to port 2 that his powers will be useless. Mwuahaha! But that’s not the only cool thing about this villain. During the cut scene , before the fight begins, he will list off other games you have played previously on that console (or using that memory card). Having an enemy say that you’ve played Super Mario Sunshine and Zelda is quite profound.



3. Luigi’s Mansion
The best Luigi’s Mansion game they made, too. So Luigi wins a mansion, or so he thinks, and he strolls up, goes inside, to find that it’s haunted. But have no fear! A tiny professor that you should all know is there to save the day with his vacuum. Your job is to suck up all the ghosties inside and make the lights turn back on. What I like about this game is that it takes a lot of thinking to get passed the bosses. There are clues but quite a lot of the time it isn’t that obvious what you have to do to get their attention. It’s not like any previous Mario games. It’s also where we get to see E. Gadd, who is definitely an underrated character. He needs his own game!



4. Maximo: Ghosts to Glory.
Ayyyy Maximo! So like most basic storylines, you’re on a quest to save a girl from a super evil dude (though I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bowser b***h slap Princess Peach). For some reason Sophia, our damsel in distress, has unnecessarily potent bazookas. Anyway, as you fight your way through the masses of skeletons that rise from the soil, waddle after you and just generally make your quest take longer, you can also pick up upgrades for your weapons and armour. Though be careful as you also lose your armour when taking damage. Before losing a life, when taking damage from enemies, Maximo can go all the way to just running around in his boxers.
Yet another game with a cool grim reaper, except this one has more height to him than Gregg from Conker’s Bad Fur Day (and doesn’t swear). But honestly if you just want to play something that will make you feel nostalgic then this is the game to play. You collect coins, there’s a little tune playing in the background as you jump around, there’s checkpoints. What more could you ask for?



5. 40 Winks.
Going back to PS1, this was a childhood classic. You pick to play between 2 children, a boy or a girl. You go to sleep and find yourself waking up in a twisted world filled with zombies and witches. Pretty cool, huh? There’s lots of different levels with an array of enemies. As you proceed through the levels you will find little wind up boxes that you jump in to turn yourself into lots of cool things like ninjas and robots to help fight the evil things from your nightmares. Collect cogs to open doors and collect all 40 winks (little cute white creatures that help make good dreams) to complete the game. Honestly it’s hard to beat a game like this.



Well that concludes my top 5 old school games that you all need to play! No one makes games like this anymore. Nothing will ever beat classic games. Bring back the Game Cube!