What can I say about Titanfall 2 that has not been said already? It is a fantastic game with fluid jumping and shooting mechanics, excellent mech design and combat this is a pure joy for both beginners and pros. While each Titan in Titanfall 2 is balanced with strengths and weaknesses, there are some that are better than others, whether that be for utility, team support or tanking. With this in mind, it is time to meet the Titans and make a judgement on who is number 1.

6. Scorch

To start this countdown we have Scorch, one of my personal favourites for its ability to control any map in Titanfall 2.  Scorch is able to precisely control the map through equipment – in particular the thermite cannon and the flame shield that can melt incoming projectiles. The thermite cannon’s area of effect is great for sending enemy Titans into bottlenecks where your team has a significant terrain or number advantage. The ultimate ability, the flame wall, allows you to decimate whole groups of Titans in one strike if they are clustered together. One of my favourite strategies playing the Scorch is getting whole groups of enemies to cluster together at a choke point, laying down thermite then retreating to a safe distance.

The only downside to such a great Titan is its inability to excel at any particular field. The Scorch is not build to resist continuous fire, nor the close range abilities of such titans as the Ronin or the suppressive Gatling gun of Legion. It is purely a supportive class best used in teams of two with a heavy support like Legion as backup. A downside to this Titan I found while playing is the slow reload of your primary weapon. The thermite cannon, while powerful, takes a long time to reload leaving you at a disadvantage. The other only other negative I found is how difficult it can be to land a direct shot especially against fast-moving or teleporting targets. That is why Scorch is rated number six in this list.

5. Ion

While many Titans on this list are new, Ion is a throwback to the classics of the first instalment. This titan is equipped with the most versatile pieces of kit in the form of the vortex shield, an object I am glad was carried through to the second instalment of the Titanfall series. The vortex shield incredibly useful in allowing you, the player to redirect bombs and missiles back at an opposing enemy Titan. The shield which faces whatever direction you are, allowing multiple engagements with several Titans as once in open combat. The splitter rifle design is specialised for one thing in mind,  close range combat involving both blocking and striking.  These features make it great, but what made this titan stand out for me was its ultimate. The ultimate is a laser beam mounted on the cockpit which burns and disintegrates enemy titans in two second flat. Combine this with the vortex shield and this mech can be a formidable opponent or a great ally. Looking at all the Titans, this would have to be the most balanced in defensive and offensive abilities. The shoulder mounted laser and splitter rifle provides excellent offensive abilities. The vortex shield, similar to Halo 3’s bubble shield, is a great defence. Ion is rated at number five for these reasons and the personal fun I had playing this Titan.


4. Northstar

While playing Titanfall 2, this was the class that I barely used or touched upon. Returning to the fold from the original Titanfall is one of my personal favourites in weaponry though, the plasma railgun and cluster missile. What the Northstar does with these weapons is make them supremely effective with the addition of manoeuvrability. The Northstar is able to hover at will making it extremely difficult to even see or predict where its attacks will come from. In large maps, this makes it one of the best titans in Titanfall 2. Being able to attack at any direction or angle from long-range makes it extremely effective in the right hands. Its special, unleashing a thousand rockets from the air, makes the Northstar extremely fun and satisfying when I have decided to test it out on larger maps.

The only downside to such manoeuvrability is the lack of health or armour. In a straight out match, the Northstar will lose to every single Titan on this list due to this reason. The NorthStar is more suited  to guerrilla warfare then standing in the open going toe to toe against an opponent such as Tone or Legion. Yet, in the right circumstance and with manoeuvrability it can beat the best of them. For its potential alone, it ranks on this list as number four.

3. Tone

Experimenting with all the Titan classes for this countdown, Tone was the one I used most frequently. The  load out is solid, a 40mm tracking cannon, shoulder mounted lock on missiles and a particle wall. All three pieces of kits have specific roles that help Tone make the number three spot. The cannon does damage as well as providing a lock on for the shoulder mounted missiles after only two shots. The cannon’s rapid fire and accuracy allow heavy missile barrages as well as formidable blocking with the particle shield. Another feature that I love about the Tone in addition to its offensive abilities is high health and armour. This gives Tone the capacity to stand strong in a one on one confrontation against the big boys like Scorch and Legion.

My favourite experience playing with the Tone is once taking down Legion with just the 40mm cannon and the lock on missiles. There is a reason people are acknowledging in forums that Tone is one of the most overplayed Titans in Titanfall 2. It is because Tone has one of the best combination of kits, high health and armour. This combination allows you to beat the heavily armoured Legion quite easily in the right hands. That is why Tone is number three in my list.

2. Ronin

Like the name suggests, Ronin is all about the sword. Carrying a 10 ft curved blade on its back is everything I imagined a mech being as a kid. The ability to deflect missiles and projectiles with the pommel of your blade, the ability to create shock waves in the ground from sword swing and blink through dimensions. Ronin is able to use all these abilities to make a childhood dream come true. The ultimate is one of my personal favourites not just in Titanfall 2 but in a long time.  The ultimate is an augmented series of sword strikes that end in a cool finisher slicing the chest of the opposing Titan into two perfect halves.

It reminds me of MechWarrior where individual moments make each mech feel special and unique. The downside to such a great titan is low health and armour which can, in some situations make Ronin feel flimsy. Overall though, the Ronin is a fresh take on the titans of Titanfall 2. Its mechanics of close range combat and teleportation makes it an automatic number two on this list.

1. Legion

If the Ronin realizes the dreams of a mech with a sword, Legion finally makes a boyhood fantasy of the massive mini-gun wielding warrior come true. Legion as the name implies is simply a mountain of armoured plating and servos.  

With the highest health and armour in the game, Legion is capable of surviving an enormous amount of punishment. Able to lumber forward into the midst of an enemy mech line and devastate it quickly. Legion is able to do this with the help of the portable kinetic shield attached to the front of his weapon which redirects  bullets back to their targets. Combine this with a toughness no mech can match and it becomes simply awesome to play. Letting the minigun loose and holding both triggers to watch the carnage that ensured was simply one of the best experiences in Titanfall 2 to date. That is why Legion is in my number one spot.