Respawn has dished out details on the next Titanfall 2 update – codenamed ‘Live Fire’. After the success of re-introducing Angel City to the player base, the next update contains a new game mode, Live Fire, with new maps and new cosmetics. Community Manager Jay Frechette, even teased an upcoming roadmap for more DLC content in the blog post released. 2017 is going to be a big year for Respawn’s highly acclaimed shooter, and the information drop confirms it.

Live Fire, an intense 6v6 Pilot only mode, is the highlight of the hour, headlining the update with flying colours. Following the bloodline of Last Titan Standing, Live Fire aims to provide a competitive platform for single elimination, intense Pilot v Pilot action. Two new maps are being custom-built to support the mode – Stacks and Meadow. This is the first mode to have custom-built battlegrounds designed for it, showing Respawn’s commitment to its success. Gameplay focuses on lightning fast pace, with one life and only a minute to kill all of your opponents. It’s five rounds, high adrenaline and even features a neutral flag – one that can be used to win a round if your enemies somehow elude you.

Alongside Live Fire’s two new maps, the 1v1 mode known as Coliseum will also be updated with a new map called Columns. While nothing has been released about this, it will be refreshing to have a new map in an otherwise one map playlist. On top of this, the update offers up a new pilot execution and a new set of match intros for each faction commander. Respawn have re-assured players this will all submit to their free DLC rule, and be accessible for all players.

However, what the blog ends on, is both exciting and interesting. Since Titanfall 2’s release, a main point of controversy has been the peculiar UI design. When selecting playlists in matchmaking, there were two different pages. But this wasn’t made clear, and any playlist on the second page was doomed to an untimely death because of it. In the update, Respawn teases of a brand new interface, which will allow custom searches and will encourage players to experiment with more playlists overall.

The rest of the update still remains “highly classified” but we can expect to see the rest of it detailed around the release of the DLC roadmap later on.