Earlier this week, a gameplay trailer dropped for Titanfall 2’s first DLC. It gave us sweeping theatres of battle, showcasing all the new gadgets and goodies coming to players. It helped to create hype for its release as well as advertising a Titanfall 2 free weekend happening alongside the drop. With the shaky sales at launch, a free weekend may be just what the game needs as the content starts to flow.

Titanfall 2 free weekend

Any players who download the game during the free weekend get access to everything. No exceptions. They can enjoy the full Titanfall 2 experience all weekend, as well as the new DLC content. Respawn want to bring in a new wave of players, which shouldn’t be hard considering the critical success at launch. Titanfall 2 enjoyed success during Black Friday, and that success will most likely continue with more sales and events. Dropping a free weekend with Angel City’s Most Wanted is an ideal business move for the developers.

The DLC dropped for those who pre-ordered the game on Wednesday. The floodgates will open for the rest of the playerbase over the weekend. However, players with early access can invite others to play the new map through the Network system. If you needed a reason to get involved with the social Networks in Titanfall 2, this is it. Just wait for those lobbies to open up, and slide in for a sweet taste of what’s to come. But at least we can be confident in the new map’s quality. It’s already stood the test of time as a fan-favourite in the first Titanfall.

Titanfall 2 free weekend
The DLC Update also brought forward a plethora of new options and settings.

The free weekend will start on Saturday the 3rd of December, carrying through to the end of the Sunday. However, the free trial has already opened up for those on EA/Origin Access to be enjoyed. Free weekends have already been a massive success with Blizzard’s Overwatch, so we can assume Respawn want to replicate that success here. Make sure to download it all before it’s too late!

‘Angel City’s Most Wanted’ is the first DLC for Respawn’s acclaimed Titanfall sequel. It will release with a faithful restoration of fan-favourite Titanfall map, Angel City for new and old players to enjoy. Also in the drop comes a host of new cosmetic items, customisation options and the first batch of Prime titan variants. The update is free for all players and the Titanfall 2 Free Weekend is a celebration of the content drop.