Remember games like Rock Band when they first reared their timid heads? No one was sure if it would catch on, but rhythm games are always fun. Every single one of you have either played, or wanted to play Dance Dance Revolution. Don’t lie to me now.

However, this gaming style was unique and well received, it hasn’t been rousing much interest these days. If you miss it and want a new, visual rollercoaster-style rhythm game where you’re a beetle on LSD, then look no further! I have the game for you!


Thumper is a new rhythm based video game by Drool. It was originally announced at the Games Developer Conference in 2015, leaving a strong impression with its hypnotic style and dark, rhythmic music. Thumper has tweaked the traditional “realism”, in the sense that you don’t have a plastic version of an instrument in your hand, or a dance mat to fall about on. You don’t need any fancy apparatus to play this beauty.

The player takes control of a beetle that speeds along a continually changing track. Your only purpose is to anticipate the road ahead with precision and timing, creating a beat that syncs with the games soundtrack. The game takes you by the hand initially by showing you what to do before you’re hit with something new.  The track changes incredibly quickly, so you should try to keep track of the audio and high speed visuals.

I’m not be doing the game justice with my description, so just have a look at the trailer and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s genuinely challenging so it’s incredibly satisfying when you complete a level or beat a boss. You’re not doing anything overly complicated, but there is a real challenge. You won’t need dislocate your fingers to do crazy finger gymnastics, but you need to think fast.

Thumper is also VR compatible, which means you can go speeding down the psychedelic tracks whilst trying not to projectile vomit. The art style used throughout is stunning, hypnotic and dark. I’m even tempted to buy a VR headset just to see how trippy the Thumper experience can truly be. It’s almost 100% likely, I’d spew all over everything I own.


Thumper is available to play on PlayStation and PC now.