If you’re a fan of a good snowboarding game, then no doubt you will be intrigued by Ubisoft’s new release Steep which is out next month. This is the first snow sports game to be released by the developers, so you’ll want to know what to expect. Previously, game developers EA were churning out snowboard titles in a typical fun arcade style with the popular title SSX. So how will Steep measure up to the well-loved play style of SSX?

SSX was overall, just fun to play! The tracks you would race were beautifully designed with ridiculous jumps, obstacle’s and boost pads for ridiculous air in which to do unrealistic tricks in.  It was pure stupid fun. SSX also provided a bunch of characters that would frequent their games over their many titles, with their own skill sets that you develop throughout the game. Taking part in a race through a frozen city or simply scoring tricks on a half-pipe are a complete joy to play through.

Image result for SSX gif
The “realistic” moves of SSX.

Now, Steep is much more realistic. Ubisoft noticed that mountains are terrifying thrill rides as they are, which veers away from the typical arcade style we’re used to. These environments are based on real mountains in the alps, creating a beautiful snowy landscape for players to enjoy. It is ultimately in the form of sandbox play, seamlessly connecting to other players online to compete and play with.

Steep is also bringing more to the table in terms of activities. While SSX just allowed snowboarding, Steep will allow players access to snowboards, skis, a wingsuit and parachute to tour through the mountains. With drop points on different mountains, you simply choose where to drop in and play whatever way you please.

Another feature Steep has is the replay of your line, in which you can use slow motion, camera changes and study the route you took. Allowing you to see things you missed in the moment, analyse your line, and even share with friends to ignite a little competition.

Steep will also be compatible with Play Station VR, allowing a realistic experience for those of us for a thrill. For players looking for an ultimate adventure, VR on Steep might be the way to go.

As far as comparison goes, Steep will allow players to enjoy a variety of sports in a beautiful realistic environment. Playing with others is incredibly easy, or you can chill out on your own. SSX wasn’t aiming for realism, so for giddy colourful fun, keep SSX on the back-burner for some old school arcade fun.

Steep will be released in December 2nd for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.