HBO will be releasing a documentary following two girls who stabbed their friend back in 2014, as a direct result of them “believing” the Slenderman to be real. The trailer for the documentary, “Beware The Slenderman”, is genuinely creepy for a whole bunch of reasons. Not only do the girls involved in the stabbing seem to genuinely think that Slenderman is real, they pre-planned to murder their friend to prove themselves to him. He has taken the place of the boogie man, and the trailer reveals why.

Slender Man, if you don’t already know, is a fictional character created on Reddit back in 2009. Redditors competed to fashion a new scary creature, leading to new horror stories to be concocted. One user depicted an extremely tall, slim man wearing a sharp suit. The head that rests on his shoulders is blank with no features, and he has a number of tentacle arms to grab you with. The “myth” that developed during his creation, was retold, widespread and constantly adapted, to communicate new versions of the original Slender horror story. He was known to attack children, cause paranoia and teleport at will.

This isn’t the first documentary on Slenderman, with fan made videos and fake documentaries which can be found on YouTube. The difference with this documentary is that it is rooted to true events. Which results in making kids scarier as well as Slenderman. Kids believe anything! We’re all going to die!


Although this follows a real-life case, CGI representations of Slenderman are used to emphasise how scary a character he is. Revealing a simple flash of his white face and intimidating stature, you can legit see why kids would fear this guy. Luckily, if your eyes ever play tricks and you think you catch a glimpse of him in the woods, you don’t need to fret. He’s a completely fictional character. Which he is… right?

The HBO documentary “Beware The Slenderman” is yet to receive an official release date.