Skyrim Remastered was my most anticipated release of 2016.   The original game was perhaps one of the most critically acclaimed games of our generation, thanks to almost endless re-playability due to the diverse character creation, great environments and robust skill trees.

For the PC player, Skyrim Remastered looks to improve almost every element of the original title. From clearer, more open skies and flowing rivers to higher graphics and audio.  Skyrim Remastered also adds mod support on consoles for the first time.

Skyrim Remastered isn’t flawless but thanks to the vast variety of mods available, you can take your game experience to the next level. Some mods are certainly better than others and if Skyrim Remastered is your first outing with the game here are some essentials.



Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is a must have for all mods to operate properly. Want a new animation for drawing and storing your weapons? you have it. Want a giant chicken to attack Whiterun? SKSE makes it possible. Even a Thomas Tank Engine dropping from the sky is possible with this mandatory mod. SKyUI is another mod that should be bundled with Skyrim Remastered experience. The reason is simple, Sky UI improves and streamlines the Skyrim interface for keyboard and mouse. With one tap of the tab button, your menu wheel is displayed. With the Q key, your favourite weapons, spells and armour is displayed on the bottom left.

Moonpath to Elsweyr 

This amazing content mod will give even the most seasoned Skyrim player a breath of fresh air from the usual storyline of the Dragonborn and civil war.  Tracked down by a bounty hunting organisation and commissioned to kill a dragon on the faraway continent of Elsweyr, home of the Khajiit. This mod not only gives you a change of environments, from the snow-capped peaks of Skyrim mountains to the dry heat of the desert, but a new experience for those having completed the game more than once. Adding more than 20 hours of gameplay with unique fully voiced dialogue, Moonpath to Elsweyr is a great achievement by the mod’s authors.


A great mod for any budding necromancer, Undeath allows you to live out the dreams of an evil lich-lord controlling hordes and hordes of undead. With an ancient letter and a cryptic note as a guide, it is your job to track down the magician and find out where the skeletal hordes are pouring from. Stopping them may even cost you your own humanity…  With a host of new spells included as well as a new skeletal form, Undeath should be included in any Skyrim Remastered play through.  With a playtime of 10 hours, Undeath is well worth it.

Dance of Death

One of Skyrim greatest features is the variety of kill animations for all sorts of weapons, stealth and magic spells.  Dance of Death allows you to not only set exactly which cameras are operational but what animations you want to use.   Liked the decapitation set from the dual swords and the vicious unarmed kill cams, you can set the settings to only use those.  Little tweaks can also be made at the push of a button from the MCM menu. One of my favourites from the MCM menu allows you to set Skyrim kills animations to play in either third or first person which is great for those wanting to see their character in action. Also greatly appreciated is the option to turn off the last enemy condition that is the default in ordinary Skyrim. Allowing continuous kill cams for every single enemy regardless of how many there are.

Customisable Camera


Skyrim is a great experience, but one thing that did bug me was the camera.  While it could zoom in or out, it was not possible to get a good view of your character in the original.  Customisable Camera should be included in your Skyrim Remastered experience because it is incredibly handy and allows loads of tweaking to fix this fixed camera issue.  The greatest feature that Customisable Camera offers is the various settings of zoom for combat and when standing still.  The mod is recommended for those who want to see the battlefield from afar or for those wanting to see the gore up close. Along with SKSE and SKyUI, this really adds to the flavour of Skyrim and for those wanting a more personal adventure.

These are the five mods that I consider essential to any Skyrim Remastered experience.  These five add some excellent content adding a great range of flavours to any play through, as well as offering a much better user experience.