Sara Is Missing by Monsoon Lab is a mystery horror game, that transforms your phone, into the cell phone of a young woman named Sara. With an interface most cell phone users will recognise, Sara Is Missing aims to immerse you completely, to the point where you forget that you’re playing a game at all.

The premise is that you have found Sara’s cell phone, and want to return it to the owner. Things take a sinister turn when the device assistant I.R.I.S asks for your help finding her. I.R.I.S guides you through the phone, allowing you to delve into Sara’s life to the best of your abilities.  It’s not long though before you realise that you’re attempting to reunite a lost phone to a missing person. Thus, leading you to look through her phone to decipher any clues of her whereabouts.

Sarah is missing
Real time interface of Sara’s phone.

Using the “found footage” style of storytelling, the information stored on the phone all appears “real”. Using real photographs and video, it creates a realistic backdrop to story. Delving into Sara’s life feels like an invasion of privacy, which generates a feeling of uneasiness before you even discover anything shady. If that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable enough, whilst combing through Sara’s cell phone, the screen will glitch making you feel exposed.

Sara Is Missing creates feelings of genuine concern for the character of Sara, as well as her concerned friends. As games go, this is a wee gem. It genuinely sucks you in, making you feel like Sara is a real person and you’re holding her real cell phone in your hand. It’s almost as if this style of storytelling was meant for games.

The game is out now and can be downloaded for Android, Mac and PC. You can download the game here.