Asmodee Digital are bringing the award winning board game Potion Explosion, by Horrible Games, to iOS and Android this December.  Players can compete against their friends or go it alone in solo mode.

Potion Explosion is vaguely reminiscent of match-3 games like Candy Crush or Puzzle Quest, but with a twist. On a players turn they choose a marble and remove it from a column and if it causes an ‘explosion’ they get to claim all those marbles as well. An ‘explosion’ occurs when marbles of the same colour land together because a players can removed one. This can happen as many times as matches happen and can lead some superb combos. This marbles are then stored and can be used to create various potions with abilities that affect how you gather more marbles.

The board game version of Potion Explosion is unique experience and really scratches that ‘match-3 itch’. The digital version looks to be just as interesting albeit without the tactile nature of picking up real marbles. However, no set up time and the solo mode be included as well it looks like there will be plenty to do. This is in addition to both online and offline multiplayer matches.

Potion Explosion is due to be released on iOS and Android in early December. We have a collection of screenshots from the game below, so feel free to check those out.

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