It’s been announced that Perception, a new survival horror, will be coming to PlayStation 4. An update on the PlayStation blog confirmed that developers The Deep End will be working with Feardemic to bring this exciting looking horror game that will be sure to make you feel physically sick with panic.

If you don’t already know, Perception was announced at E3 last year and it has an interesting game mechanism that generates a memorable and terrifying story. The unfortunate soul who is our protagonist is Cassie, a blind woman who is investigating a house that has been haunting her dreams, the Echo Bluff Estate. Yes, Cassie is blind, but she can still “see” in a sense. Using her acute hearing and echolocation techniques, she can navigate areas and obstacles.  By making a tapping sound, she will see within the space she occupies, or within the space surrounding a sound. Noise helps Cassie perceive what’s around her, but it also makes her easier to find. You see, she’s not alone… but you guessed that already.


Echo Bluff Estate is haunted by a presence that has continuously tormented those unlucky enough to have inhabited the house. Cassie must navigate through the estate, avoiding enemies and The Presence, all whilst solving mysteries of the estate. Echo Bluff is also not held in sway by time, allowing the estate itself to shift to different time periods. Making me think that memorising a set path and playing it safe won’t do any good. It is set up to keep the player on their toes, and this looks like it may do the trick.

The Deep End team behind Perception have some veteran players on their team, with people who have worked on BioShock series and DeadSpace, you know you’re in for a good time. They have great pride in the echolocation feature “which allows us to bring an innovative new perspective to a genre we hold near and dear to our hearts.”

There is no release date as of yet, but we’ll keep you updated here at GamerTime.