With 2016 finally over and some of the biggest let downs in gaming behind us, It’s time to look ahead to the new games and consoles 2017 has in store. With so many exciting things being released, here are the things I think you should most look forward to.

11. January 13th – Nintendo Switch Presentation.

The Switch looks to be the most exciting console since the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. After seeing Microsoft and Sony battle back and forth over who has more teraflops, 4k, or HRD capability, it will be nice to see Nintendo finally return to centre stage and show the world what it is capable of. We’re still unsure of the games set to release with the console, but the presentation is likely to show us the launch titles, RRP and release date. This all kicks off at 4am GMT. I can’t wait to get up at 3 am to grab my breakfast to watch it live.

10. January 24th – Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final C...

This game is looking amazing, it’s such a shame I don’t have a Playstation 4 anymore. Though there are some great PS4 titles due this year, with so many great games to save for this year, the Playstation had to be dropped.

9. January 31st  – Final Fantasy 30<...

Despite not having a Playstation to play any of the games which have been rumoured to be with the collection, I’m looking forward to the chance to potentially own this unique collector’s edition anyway. Take a look at some of the rumours here. This festivity will begin with a grand opening ceremony and the event will play host to talks featuring some wonderful guests. We will also see the debut the first in a series of projects to commemorate the 30th anniversary. No doubt from here we will get the release dates of FF7 Remake’s first episode, and details on how the episodic approach will work, along with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’s release date. I would imagine we’ll also be shown some of the work being done for Final Fantasy XV’s free updates and Season Pass content. The Moogle Chocobo Carnival will undoubtedly lead up to the opening ceremony with lots of minigames and items related to the other Final Fantasy’s to help fuel the hype train.

8. February 14th – For Honor

I played For Honor when it first hit Closed Alpha, and even in that early stage the game was a master piece. There were a few little issues with Server connections and player numbers but even then the gameplay was absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product with refined keyboard and Mouse controls and quick nitty gritty combat. I’m really looking forward to building a formidable team with some friends and just destroying all that stand in our way.

7. February 21st – Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars was my favourite RTS game back in 2009 when it first came out. I spent 100’s of hours just skirmishing away to my heart’s content and never got bored once. The online combat was so fast paced, you had to learn quick or die trying, and the challenge was always incredible fun. Halo Wars 2 looks to bring the story forward and make it the heart of the game with a more engaging campaign, and stunning graphical content. I can see a few hundred hours being lost in the new installment.

6. February 22nd – My Birthday!

A birthday cake with lighted candles against a blue background. Focus is on the candles.

Woot Woot!

5. March 7th – Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Wildland...

Now I really enjoyed The Division up until I got near the end game and the repetitive grind became ever so apparent. The open world tactical aspect made it really enjoyable but the balance of loot just wasn’t there. Wildlands looks to take the best parts of The Division and expand on the size and make it feel much more like a true open world experience to enjoy with your friends. Ubisoft has been going down the route of multiplayer becoming the main focus in their games, I just hope future titles allow for the amazing single player stories, which got them to where they are today.

4. March 23rd  – Mass Effect: Androm...

Not much needs to be said about why Andromeda is on this list. The Mass Effect Series has brought so much emotion into the story-telling of games in the last decade. Andromeda looks to give us the next steps of humanity in their ever expanding search for new life and new civilisations. With the latest trailer (above) from CES 2017, Andromeda is becoming the most anticipated game of the year. My biggest disappointment so far is the lack of story being revealed to us. All I want is a little hint as to the bigger threat we’ll be fighting against, but we may just have to wait and see once it is released.

3. March TBA – The Nintendo Switch Release and Breath Of t...

The console I just can’t wait for and my favourite game series of all time. Nintendo has always made my favourite console maker, as my first ever console was the N64 back when I was 3 or 4 years old. Playing through Mario 64, Goldeneye and eventually when I was a little older, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. OoT was the game that cemented my love for the series and every game I played after. I recently went back to the original games and even went through the Gameboy Colour games. Now with Breath of The Wild around the corner, I couldn’t be happier with the direction the series is going. The elaborate timelines just keep getting me more and more immersed into the world Miyamoto and Tezuka have given us.

2. April 4th – Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

I’m surprisingly,  really excited this one. I’ve been so let down from previous FPS games such as Battlefield 1, I didn’t think I would really look forward to an FPS for a while until the FPS pattern was broken. Ghost Warrior 3 looks to do this by going away from its previously linear stories and giving players an open word in which to intervene and prevent another Cold War.

1. Unconfirmed Dates – Ones To Look Out For From E3.

Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR is to some is Rockstar’s greatest achievement. With technology ever advancing, we could see RDR2 become a bigger game than even GTA5. My Biggest problem is Rockstar’s decision to leave out the PC community in the announcement of platforms it would become available on. I hope Rockstar will realise the potential profits they will be throwing away by not releasing on PC. With GTA5 we had to wait a year before it was completely remastered and put on Steam. I hope we don’t need to wait that long this time round.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is on here as well. I really enjoyed the first Injustice, spent many hours round at one of my mate’s houses, staying up until 2-3 in the morning just battling each other and others online. I expect Injustice 2 make improvements on the current Mortal Kombat X engine and provide some epic battles to prove who is the ultimate hero (or villain). With the recent leak being proved false we still do not know when it will be released.

Overwatch – New content galore

I’ve included Overwatch on here as Blizzard has advised players to expect more new heroes and new maps. Oasis has been released already and we can only hope for more. With rumours of Terry Crews voicing Doomfist and the potential of getting the last founding member of Overwatch, the only way is up for Overwatch. I expect to be spending a whole lot of hours playing over the next year.

Overall Thoughts

I honestly think this year is going to be miles better than, but only time will tell. I missed a lot off my list as I wanted to pick only the things I looked forward to most. Honourable mentions go to Crash Bandicoot and South Park. What are you looking forward to? Did I miss anything major? Let us know in the comments.

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