Must Play Alphas and Betas of 2016


As we have finally hit “Super September”, the month that triggers the years biggest releases, we thought you might like to see which betas are still to come in the rest of the year.

There are still some massive releases to come, but more importantly, we get to preview some of them! Who isn’t excited about that?! If Battlefield 1‘s beta didn’t get you pumped for whats still to come this year, maybe a title from this list will grab your attention.


A totally new IP from Ubisoft that allows you to ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska. Master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuits, snowboards, and in paragliders. Race against your friends, set challenges  or just lose yourself in this massive open world game.

We are super stoked for Steep. It went down a treat at E3 this year and looks absolutely fantastic. Anyone who used to love playing THPS or Coolboarders, will probably spend hours just playing around. The beta is coming up soon and you can sign up here!


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty is allowing anyone who pre-orders the game into their closed beta. If you are pre-ordering the game, you will be treated to an all action multiplayer beta. If you haven’t, why not? Modern Warfare comes with it remember! Either way, CoD is one of the biggest releases of the year and you should definitely take the chance to get a preview before release. You might like it 😉

Our tip is to pre-order the game. Play the beta. Then cancel your pre-order if you don’t like the game. Simple.

At first, the beta will only be available on PlayStation 4 (although it will come to Xbox One at a later date). If you want to have an opportunity to participate in the beta, you’ll need to preorder the game from participating retailers, at which point you’ll receive a beta code that can be redeemed at Beta starts October 18th 2016.

For Honor

For Honor is the next massive game that makes the list. This week, we were treated to 3 new trailers detailing the class types in the game. Thankfully, the games still looks just as good as it did when we first saw it last year.

Although this is set to release in February of next year, it is being widely touted that the beta will come this year! The alpha is confirmed for this year for sure, so we will at least get to give it a go. That’s great news for us. Unfortunately, Ubisoft only let a select few into their betas, so you have to register with your UPlay account and they will let you know if you are in or not.

You can register for the beta here.


There are plenty of games on PC running open betas for large durations, and plenty of others you can sign up for. Our pick of the bunch on this list is Raiders of the Broken Planet.

Raiders of the Broken Planet – PC – BETA SIGN UP

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game – PC – BETA SIGN UP

Dreadnought – PC – BETA SIGN UP

Elder Scrolls Legends – PC – BETA SIGN UP 

Thats plenty of games to keep us going. And thats just what they are letting us preview. What are you excited to play this year? Let us know in the comments