More news on the Nintendo Switch has been coming in the last few days, and curse my lack of internet not jumping straight on this to share with you all. So in the last 48 hours I have learned when we can expect more details on what the Switch hasn’t shown us yet and the type of screen the mobile aspect will have.

Nintendo have confirmed there will be a presentation in Japan on the 13th of January 2017, and this has been explained as the fans still don’t know everything the Switch is capable of. I’m eagerly looking forward to the conference airing in Japan and across the web and here’es hoping there will be a translator on hand to help explain what we see on the screen.


A leak in the last day or so has also revealed the Switch will have a 6.2″ 720p screen with multi touch capability. This will allow for greater accuracy with the lack of pressure and resistive screens from the DS hand-helds.

Who knows what we will see in the next few days if news keeps coming out at the rate it does, but it’s hard to tell how reliable many peoples sources are. Has there been any news which has gotten you really excited? Let us know in the comments below. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see when our latest stories are released. Follow me on Twitter for other news and stories from across the web here.