Titanfall 2 released to critical acclaim, and Respawn have finally began to discuss the game’s future plans. In a long update post, the developers talk about the launch of the game, and the first Titanfall 2 DLC – Angel City’s Most Wanted. They look to add a new map, new Titan kits, a new weapon and various quality-of-life improvements. And what’s the theme? You guessed it… Angel City. A fan-favourite map from the first Titanfall game.

Titan fall 2 DLC

The start of the blog post goes over some general points. Respawn clearly want to drive home their Titanfall 2 DLC plans, re-asserting how all future content will be free for all players. But after a recital of their launch day journey, we get to the juicy stuff. First off, the map. Angel City gets a re-imagining for Titanfall 2, and releases on December 3rd. However, those that pre-ordered the game get early access on November 30th instead. Along the same theme of Angel City, the Wingman Elite pistol will be coming to the game as well.

Continuing down the line of additions, each Titan will be receiving a new kit. These new kits will continue to help players develop their own style. For example, Ion’s new kit, Refraction Lens allows her Splitter Rifle to split five ways instead of three when shooting. While it may hinder accuracy, a large area of effect could help with crowd control. Or you can play with Scorch’s new toy, where he can ignite the ground and leave thermite in its wake. Whatever you prefer, all these new abilities will be available with the drop of the Titanfall 2 DLC.

Titan fall 2 DLC

A new pilot execution, a stats screen and an in-game store will also be added with the DLC. Yes, that does mean micro-transactions will be added to the game. But Respawn have re-assured players that there will be no RNG or ‘loot crate’ system implemented. Any cosmetic items purchasable through the store will be straight up purchases. I personally think this is great news. As long as it’s all at an affordable price.

The DLC drop will be completely free for anyone with the game. All Titanfall 2 players can download the DLC and update when it drops in a few weeks, and Respawn have said they will be revealing more as the release date gets closer.