Final Fantasy is renowned for it’s minigames. Whether needed to get the party members final weapons or just as a way to get extra gear and gil, minigames have always been something players sink a large amount of time in and Square Enix never fails. So let’s take a look at Final Fantasys XV minigames and see if they live up to their predecessors.

Justice Monsters 5 – High Five for Justice

final fantasy xv minigames

The first mini game available to Noctis and party when travelling is the little pinball game JM5. The game costs 10 gil (or 10000 gil to play in Altissa) to play and the main objective is to keep your pinballs alive while fighting the forces of the Bahamut fleet. By firing the pin balls into the “obstacles” of the board you fill up a bar to draw on the slots to give you a reward. The only reward worth caring about this is the treasure boxes. Depending on how many treasure boxes you gain before you get bored or lose all your monsters depends on the prize you get.

For the 10 Gil Game

2 — Potion

5 — Hi-Potion

10 — Elixir

15 — Hi-Elixir

20 — Garnet Bracelet

25 — Carbon Bangle

30 — Amethyst Bracelet

35 — Titanium Bangle

40 — Mega Phoenix

45 — Sapphire Bracelet

50 — Gold Bangle

60 — Oracle Earring

70 — Ruby Bracelet

80 — Platinum Bangle

90 — Emerald Bracelet

99 — Celestriad

For the 10000 Gil Game

5 — Hi-Potion

10 — Mega Phoenix

15 — Ruby Bracelet

20 — Platinum Bangle

25 — Emerald Bracelet

30 — Centurion Bangle

35 — Mystic Circlet

40 — Moogle Charm

45 — Legatus Bangle

50 — Blue Diamond Bracelet

60 — Gigas Bangle

70 — Assist Suit

80 — Dark Matter Bracelet

90 — Onion Bangle

99 – Wind-up Lord Vexxos

The items you gain as a reward in the 10 gil games don’t really make it worth the time from me. The accessories can easily be earned by exploring and you get some xp by going that way, instead of wasting about an hour just to get a Celestriad. The 10000 gil game, however, makes things a little more interesting. The prize for gaining 99 chests, happens to be worth 500k to sell, and the most potent catalyst for enhancing your spells.  From what I can tell there is no change in difficulty either when playing the 10000 gil game over the 10 gil one, so save your money and  when you reach Altissa be sure to hunt down this game. Easy money and repeatable prizes make this the most effective way to make gil despite its boring repetitiveness.

This game even has it’s own app to enjoy on the go, which is said to link with your Final Fantasy game on console, however, this doesn’t seem possible at this time. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) Even with all this the game ultimately bores me, and I was hoping to play the Kingsknight game the boys constantly refer to in game.

Chocobo Racing

final fantasy xv minigames

Like many of the predecessors, Chocobos make a return along with Chocobo races. For this minigame, just head to the Chocobo track and race your friends. Your rewards for this are little medals you can make your Chocobo wear which provides a little unnoticeable cosmetics for your feathered friend. Whilst fun, these are not easy to do without levelling up your Chocobo, which takes a fair bit of time actually riding your Chocobo instead of the much better option, the Regalia.


final fantasy xv minigames

So a small love of mine in any game, is fishing. Stardew Valley sold me on the ability to fish alone, and the rest was just a bonus for me. Fishing is one of the Crown Prince’s favourite past times and is a very enjoyable challenge. The need to gauge the type of fish you want to catch, changing your lure and then battling with the line to reel it in makes the whole experience so much greater when you pull in that prized fish with both hands. The more fishing you do the better you will become. As soon as you can get a better rod and reel. Without them you’ll never catch the bigger fish which will have you on the edge of your seat as your swaying left and right trying to stop your line from breaking.

The use for fishing in this game is two fold. Whilst letting you take a break from the nitty-gritty feeling of war fishing allows you to get different kinds of fish which Ignis will make into fantastic meals at camp. Some of the fish are also worth a sizable amount and could net that extra gil you need for the next mini game.

Totmostro – Monster fight betting

Betting on animal fights is cruel and thought badly on in our world, but in Altissa, no one even bats an eyelid. Fair enough most of these monsters have tried to kill you along your journey so it doesn’t feel so bad betting on them living and killing the competition, but come on Square Enix, what next, chocobo arena fights?

Anyway this game is actually quite enjoyable despite being less interactive than JM5. When I was playing I couldn’t help but feel tense with every wager placed, hoping my monsters would beat everyone elses. The way this minigame works, is you buy medals which you bet on the monsters you want to win. The medals cost 10g for 1 medal, and you get a return based on the odds of your creature winning the fight. Condition and level also play a part in how well your monster will do so count out that Gigantoad just because it is less likely to win, if its a high enough level and in good condition it could still surprise you.

To help give you the edge in fights, you get a horn to blow which makes a noise that helps only your monsters. I don’t get the logic either. These horns can allow your monster to heal some hitpoints or cure status ailments, some increase attack and others defence, the ones you use depends on the monster you support. Sometimes though it just isn’t enough and you’ll be beaten by lady luck.

The prizes for this are really cool though which makes the painful parting of Gil more worthwhile.

Items marked with (*) can only be obtained once.

Prize Description Cost (Medals)
Magitek Generator * Auto part that eliminates the need for fuel. 3600000
Diamond Bracelet An accessory which greatly increases strength. 1250000
Big Bang * Decal set for the Regalia. 450000
Mythic Color Samples * Color sample book for the Regalia. 360000
Arapaima Roe An item that sells for 50000 Gil. Can also be used as an ingredient in a very beneficial meal or as a powerful spell catalyst. 240000
Enforcer A firearm with an improved critical hit rate. 180000
Precision Lance A polearm with an improved critical hit rate. 120000
Llymlaen * The best fishing reel in the game. 85000
Big Mater Typhon A vibration lure for fishing. 45000
Silver Bangle An accessory which moderately increases HP. 34000
Turbocharger * Auto part that increases the Regalia’s top speed. 15000
Coeurl Whiskers A treasure that sells for 1500 Gil. You can also use it as a Killcast catalyst with good duplicating properties. 7500
Great Garula Tusk A treasure that sells for 1700 Gil. You can also use it as a Tricast catalyst with good duplicating properties. 2500


If you take into account 1 medal is 10gil if you wanted to skip the fighting and buy the medals you would need 36million gil for the top prize which saves you from spending 10 gil once in a while to fuel your car. However for the 100% completionists out there, good luck, and save often.

Over all the mini games are disappointing in comparison to previous games like Blitzball and Triple Triad, but they are an interesting way to earn some of the more unique items in the game. With competition like The Witcher 3’s, Gwent , it was always going to be difficult to be the best mini games this year. Despite how boring the pinball game is to play, you can see the game’s role in the world it has been placed in, and it makes sense for some sort of arcade game to be available in the setting of Eos. The big arena fights, however, made me feel like I set foot in ancient Rome, which unsurprisingly is near to where Altissa was based, Venice, Italy.

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