Yesterday the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was announced to be in the works. The newest expansion will be called Stormblood, and is set to be released in Summer 2017. This is a similar timing to when the current expansion Heavensward was released, July 2015. A teaser trailer was also released which can be found below.

Whilst little has been revealed at this point, it has been confirmed that the story of Stormblood will take place largely in Imperial-controlled Ala Mhigo and will involve trying to liberate the city-state from the Garlean Empire’s grip. Similar to how the Dragoon class was the main class in Heavensward, Monk will be the main class in Ala Mhigo. Following from in-game lore which reveals Rhalgr is the deity primarily worshipped in Ala Mhigo, as well as being the deity Monk’s are most often associated with, even using his icon of a fist for the job image.

The level cap will be increasing from 60 to 70, and a number of new primals are in the works, though who or what they may be is still uncertain. Most exciting of all is the announcement of new classes and jobs. Whilst nothing certain has been announced, Naoki Yoshida cryptically pointed at his shirt of the Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Universe during this segment, and already the Dancer and Red Mage jobs are fan favourites.

Finally alongside this new content, there will be an overhaul of some of the existing gameplay features, one such feature will be the expansion of the inventory, which is currently limited at 100 items. Perhaps most interestingly, the combat system will be reworked, skills will be less class-centric, for example, Paladin skills will be labelled under tank skills rather than Paladin, in an effort to reduce necessary hotbar space, as well as to make the game feel less ‘clunky’.

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV, Soul Surrender, was released 27th September and continues the tale of Ishgard, following the end of the Dragonsong War.  realm-reborn