From Piper to Nick Valentine and Strong to Paladine Danse. There’s no competition here when it comes to which companion to choose. Here’s a list of reasons why Dogmeat is by far the handiest and most lovable sidekick in Fallout 4.

1. Cryolator

We meet our canine friend at Red Rocket Station, the first settlement we come to after Sanctuary Hills. If you like to thoroughly search around, like I do in Fallout, for loot then you may recall the Cryolator that’s locked up in Vault 111 at the start of the game. The case it’s in is a very high lock-pick level, Master if I recall correctly, and is in a small room. If you don’t want to wait to level up that high to get this beast of a weapon then simply take Dogmeat back to the room with you and ask him if he can find any items nearby. Make sure to completely loot the room first of every item, from ammo to junk, then watch as your canine friend walks up to the case. Next thing you know, without even opening the display, Dogmeat will have the Cryolator in his mouth!

2. The Fun House

If you have the Nuka World DLC then be ready to take our friend to Kiddie Kingdom. After following Oswald around the park you will get to the Fun House attraction. One test you need to get through is the mirror room. This room has mines dotted around the place and you may have difficulty navigating through the maze of glass. Some walls are obvious, but others may make you take a second glance. That is, unless you have your trusty mutt with you! Let Dogmeat lead in front and he will walk in the correct direction to reach the exit, no commands needed. Just watch out for the mines and Feral Ghouls in there with you.

He also opens up the correct door for you in the spinning floor room, where the ghouls are. Don’t rush out though, as there’s loot through some of the other doors and what looks like a Mafia meeting between a few skeletons, a toy alien and Jangles the Moon Monkey.

3. Kellogg’s Trail

When following the clues to reach Kellogg, Dogmeat comes in really handy with this quest. You can get him to sniff the clues that are left behind which will then set him off to find him, following his scent from bloody rags and cigars.

4. The Witch Museum

Near to the museum there is a hidden loot crate. When relatively close by, Dogmeat will have “found something”. Follow him and he should guide you straight to it.

5. Sound of Silence

Sure, he still gets in the way like all of the companions do, but at least you never hear him complaining like Nick Valentine does.

6. Nuka World Gauntlet

During the Gauntlet you will find yourself in a room with 3 doors, one being the correct one to go through. If Dogmeat is with you he will open the two doors that don’t set off explosives when opened, one of these being the correct door to go through.

Whether Bethesda did some of these on purpose as wonderful Easter Eggs or whether they’re nothing more than convenient glitches remains a mystery, but they will most definitely benefit you during your playthrough.