Asmodee have announced that they are releasing Dobble in app form. Dobble is a card game that involves turning over cards and trying to spot the icon that appears on both cards. Between any two cards, there is only a single matching pair of symbols. The game is contained in a small tin and has several different ways it can be played. The best is ‘hot potato’, in which all players must get rid of the card in front of them by finding a symbol on their card that matches a symbol on another player’s card. When you find a match, you place your card on top of the other player’s card.

Pick two cards, can you find the symbol they share?

Spot it! Dobble Challenges promises new twists on the existing mechanics and new game variants that can be played both single and multiplayer. The game will be free to download, though Asmodee have not mentioned whether it will include in-app purchases.

It’s unclear if the multiplayer includes a local mode or will be limited to online only. If it does include a local option then I imagine the app will lead to few broken phones as Dobble can get incredibly frantic as players grab or discard the cards.

The app has been developed by Virtuous and will be available early 2017.