Colt Express has arrived on iOS, Android and Steam. Developed and published by Asmodee Digital and Frima Studio’s, this award winning board game has finally gone digital.  The digital version of Colt Express brings players many of the beloved features from the original with some nice additions. It joins a steadily increasing catalogue of Asmodee Digital games.


Colt Express is set the classic and exciting time period of the Wild West. With a charming cast of 6 playable characters of bandits, each with their own motivations, backstory and goals. Alongside regular multiplayer there is also an extensive story of over 30 chapters. Colt Express brings new gameplay variants to spit up the main story.  Limited ammo, restricted move sets and more powerful enemies all allow each game to be unpredictable.

Colt Express uses a programmed movement system. This means that players select cards from their hand and places them into a common stack. This stack is then flipped over and one at a time, the actions on the train are played out. This leads to hilarious turns were players shoot into empty space, go to pick up money that is no longer there or end up punching the wrong person.

What board game is complete without a couple of friends playing to play with. Colt Express will have a worldwide leader board updated in real time and an online multiplayer. I am personally looking forward to taking down other players and picking up their loot. Colt Express promises to be one of those titles that has moments that we look back on months later with friends.  That last stand against incredible odds or the moment we laughed out loud when the TNT blew up the train. I for one, am glad that this awesome board game finally translated into a digital version.