Despite its cult popularity, EA shut down Battlefield 2142’s servers in 2014. Now thanks to the Revive team, you can play Battlefield 2142 online and this time for free. Though not officially sanctioned by EA, they seem to be okay with the release of this stand alone mod that launched less than a week ago. The Battlefield 2142 Revive Project is completely free to download and has garnered a decent player base, averaging over 2000 players a day.

Battlefield 2142 introduced the incredibly popular Titans mode, that saw two teams fight to bring down the opposing “Titan”. Titans are giant flying aircraft carrier akin to the Heli-Carriers seen in the Marvel universe. This mode inspired the Carrier assault mode seen in the Battlefield 4 DLC, “Naval Strike”.

Bring down the shields Land on the titan. Storm the control room.


If Battlefield 1’s First World War setting doesn’t appeal, then 2142’s futuristic combat might be for you. Check out the project’s website and download the game here.