Update: Sadly the 2016 Christmas sale has come and gone. It’s a bright new year and there is always another sale on the horizon, so keep these games in mind for the next time those prices drop.

Steam sales over an overwhelming amount of choice. So here at GamerTime we asked some of our writers to recommend some of their favourite deals.

George Barker: Xcom: Enemy Unknown (£3.74)

Xcom combines tight turn-based tactical combat with strategic base management. Everything is made as simple as possible in a boardgame-esque way, making every choice on the battlefield clear but not necessarily easy. Each mission you’ll select a squad of soldiers to combat the alien forces. Your soldiers level up becoming increasing powerful,  though in rogue-like fashion their deaths are permanent. As death and defeat are always a few bad choices away,  Xcom has a palpable tension to it. Xcom is hugely replayable and it will keep pulling you back in even after constant defeats. Like so many strategy games Xcom’s ‘just one more turn’ will hook you in and before you know it you’ll have played seven hours straight.

George Barker: Max Payne 2 (£2.09)

Max Payne 2 is the game that perfected “bullet-time”. It’s a neo-noir thriller dripping with style and packed with action. While it doesn’t look as good as the sequel Max Payne 3, this is the pinnacle of the series. The pace is good; the game combines cinematic set pieces and open levels that let you channel your inner “Neo”. Max Payne 2 is a classic and a must-play for fans of neo-noir or action shooters. So go on – for the price of a flat white, you can live out every Matrix fantasy you’ve ever had.

Harrison Ware: Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience (UK £16.24)


Metal Gear Solid, The Definitive Experience brings together Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and every piece of downloadable content into one complete experience. MGSV brings a fresh new take on the open-world genre.  The two locations, Afghanistan and Africa vary greatly in terrain and gameplay mechanics that make each feel unique. The sandstorms of Afghanistan provide an excellent cover to infiltrate outposts while the swamps of Africa night hours pitch black and gloomy. The open world is framed by a gripping story.  MGSV doesn’t shy away from harsh, often unspoken themes of betrayal, revenge and the use of child soldiers. You will be constantly faced with the brutality of war and have the morality of your actions questioned.

From weapons to horses and dogs and helicopters to giant mechs, MGSV offers a ton of choice on how to approach every mission. Great villains with real motivation and a supernatural fire demon really make Metal Gear The Definitive Experience unique.  For a price of $25 AUD with every single piece of DLC, this is a great deal.


Chelsea Beam: Tales of Symphonia (£3.74)


Namco Bandai’s “Tales of Symphonia” – originally released on the GameCube and then ported to PS3 in recent years – is definitely one to grab this winter sale! As a game with an engaging plot, expansive and unique world, hilarious characters, stunning soundtrack, and a battle system that should be considered hack-and-slash-but-somehow-isn’t, ToS is a game that has given through the years and continues to be fun. Although the Steam port has some embarrassing and frustrating issues, I would still recommend it for the devastatingly-exciting experience that Namco-Bandai manages to offer. (Seriously, at this price, it’s a SUPER steal!)

Mike Adamson: Rage (£2.63)

I was one of the not so many to play RAGE when it originally released in 2011. I loved it. It was gorgeous with its cutting-edge (at the time) graphics delivered by the then-new id Tech 5 game engine. It also offered an arsenal of great guns, a wide variety of Mad Max-style destruction vehicles, cool enemies, an interesting post-apocalyptic environment, and a compelling enough story. You can get RAGE on Steam right now for $3.29 (USD) and I highly recommend it!