So I recently moved home into a new flat and have recently been told we won’t have internet installed until the New Year, at the earliest.  This has really knocked me back as I’ve been really into online games and being able to download any game I wanted to play without any issue. Now I’m limited to a very small library of games to play (I don’t commonly play single player games). Looking at the games I have to play, I have to think of how long these games will take me to play and how well it will occupy my time. Taking out my actual working hours and sleep I have 582 hours between now and the earliest possible chance of having internet. This doesn’t include time I will be spending with my beautiful other half or seeing family. So with these hours I have developed a list of games which I recommend and should fill these hours up very nicely.


I’ve started my 582 hours with The Witcher 3. I could easy sink around 100 hours of my time fighting the mythical beasts of the world and exploring every nook and cranny, possibly longer if I get too caught up playing Gwent. The game itself is absolutely fantastic and I struggle to find any fault other than how much there is to do in the game. Sometimes having a lot of little side things to do can be off putting when it’s all you have to play.


Then we have the Force Unleashed 1 and 2. Whilst the games aren’t anything amazing, they are a good easy break from the troubles of the Temerian War with the Black Ones. If you are a fan of star wars well worth a play and easily take up another 20-30 hours of my time although not very spectacular hours.


Speaking of Star Wars, a great game to pass the time is Knights of the Old Republic II and its predecessor, even if it wasn’t as good in my opinion. One of the greatest story telling games ever made in my opinion, with great twists and moral decisions needing to made throughout the entire game. Now many people can complete this game in around 30-40 hours but I like to take my time and I could probably sink 60 hours in the game to complete it. This is definitely one game I would recommend anyone without internet getting a copy of or having a friend download for them on Steam.


Moving away from the Sci Fi games and back to a more adventuring RPG style, we have Skyrim. Now everyone knows about Skyrim, but for those who don’t, It is the latest single player RPG in the Elder Scrolls series. I was lucky enough to have internet just as the remaster came out however, I won’t have any of my mods for the game making just the base game and DLC’s available to me. Whilst I loved Skyrim when it first came out, the remastered images haven’t really amazed me all that much, but a nice 100 hours on this will keep me happy and engaged despite knowing the game almost like the back of my hand.


Those games bring my gaming time up to 280 hours. To fill the other 300 hours I have a couple of 4x games such as, Civilization 5 and Galactic Civilization 3. 4x games are always good for losing hours into and I’ve not tried GC3 yet so these games will be about another 100 hours of time. To fill in any extra time I will have left from my real world commitments I’ll have my farm to run on Stardew Valley or my town to govern in Banished.

I would highly recommend all of the games I’ve detailed above to anyone who may end up without internet for any lengthy period of time. You begin to really appreciate single player games when the option for online gaming is taken away from you, and I have to admit, it will be a difficult 582 hours of free time, but I’m looking forward to tearing into these games and enjoying them without online distractions.

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